As from the 15th December 2021 the visiting guidance has changed by the Department of Health and Social Care.

  • Each care home resident should be limited to three nominated visitors who can visit regularly.
  • Each resident can have one nominated care giver. (please see government guidance on this)
  • End of life visits will always be supported.

Residents leaving the care home-

  • Avoid visiting people they do not usually spend time with.
  • Have had the COVID-19 booster before taking part in visits out of the care home if eligible, unless exempt.
  • Ask those they are visiting to undertake regular LFD testing, and receive a negative LFD on the day of visit.
  • Ask those they are visiting to have their COVID-19 vaccinations including booster if eligible.


Residents will be asked to self-isolate following an emergency stay in hospital or following a visit out of the home that is determined to be high risk following an individual risk assessment.

For other visits out of the care home, to ensure that care home residents can continue to go out of the care home to visit loved ones or spend time in the local community, we will ask residents who have had two doses of the vaccine, or who are exempt, to take LFD test every day for 10 days when they return from spending time out of the care home.

For those residents who have not had two doses of the vaccine and who are not exempt, we will ask them to isolate for 14 days following a visit out in order to mitigate the risk that they endanger their fellow residents by bringing the new variant into the care home.



There has been new guidance with testing for all staff.

The testing will increase from two to three LFD's a week, which will be on top of the weekly PCR test.


All visits into the care home will be supported by LDF testing, hand washing/sanitising, temperature taken and full PPE provided by the home.

If a visitor tests positive on a LFD carried out by the care home, the visitor will need to carry out an additional PCR test.

All tests off site need to be carried out on the day of visit and registered using the homes UON (information on request). Proof of text or email will need to be seen before visit can take place.

All professionals and contractors entering the building will show proof of double vaccination through the NHS app or by showing a covid pass letter. (appointment card can not be used as proof) LFD testing, hand washing/sanitising, declaration form filled, temperature taken and PPE will be provided.

It will be at the discretion of the manager to ask for additional testing PCR or LFD's if staff or visitors have traveled abroad or come from a high risk area.

Please do not enter the care home if you are feeling unwell or if you have symptoms of coronavirus, flu or norovirus.

Outdoor visits can take place (weather permitting) in the homes garden. Before the visit can take place you will need to complete a declaration form, have your temperature taken and hand sanitiser used. If someone is likely to come in contact with bodily fluids such as coughing a face mask should be worn.

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